• World CafĂ© Trans-SEC, Tanania 2013

  • Tree planting Gliricidia, Tanzania 2015

  • FGD, Tanzania 2015

  • Plots in Dodoma, Tanzania 2014

  • Trans-Sec Konferenz, Deutschland 2017

  • Tractor ploughing, Tanzania 2018

  • Technical assistance, Tanzania 2015

Capacity Building

Products Description
PhDs in Trans-SEC Lists all PhD candidates and their PhD topic
Lectures Lists lectures conducted in the frame of the Trans-SEC project or related to the topic of Trans-SEC
Summer School A summer school has been conducted in the frame of Trans-SEC.
Exchange Program The PhD exchange program was a key component of the Trans-SEC capacity building strategy and offered Tanzanian PhDs the opportunity for a research stay in Germany.
Workshops and Trainings Lists workshops and trainings conducted within Trans-SEC project
Master Theses Here you find master theses written with support of Trans-SEC members.