• World CafĂ© Trans-SEC, Tanania 2013

  • Tree planting Gliricidia, Tanzania 2015

  • FGD, Tanzania 2015

  • Plots in Dodoma, Tanzania 2014

  • Trans-Sec Konferenz, Deutschland 2017

  • Tractor ploughing, Tanzania 2018

  • Technical assistance, Tanzania 2015


Closing Ceremonies of the Trans-SEC Project

This short film captures the closing ceremonies of the Trans-SEC Project from 18th -23rd April 2018 in the villages Idifu, Ilolo, Ilakala and Changarawe in Tanzania. The German-Tanzanian co-operation was led by Leibniz Centre for Agricultural Landscape Research (ZALF) on the German side and Sokoine University of Agriculture (SUA) on the Tanzanian side. The five year project aimed at improving the food situation of the vulnerable rural population in Tanzania. Throughout the ceremonies both project-participating small holder farmers as well as researchers presented their experiences and research results. Speeches and gestures of reflection and gratitude were given by both project-management and village representatives.

Pyrolizer Group, Ilakala, Morogoro region

Maize shelling machine, Changarawe, Morogoro region

Improved Cooking Stove Group, Idifu, Dodoma region, Tanzania

Tropentag 2015 closing session

Tropentag 2015 opening session

Conflict-Prevention and Management-System (CPM-System)

The research design

The first documentary on Trans-SEC "Innovating Strategies to safeguard Food Security using Technology and Knowledge Transfer: A people-centred Approach" describes the major objectives of the research project to stabilize the food situation in four communities in Tanzania. See also: www.trans-sec.org, www.facebook.com/transsectanzania

Final Conference ReACCT, BETTER-iS, SubSAHARA


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