• World CafĂ© Trans-SEC, Tanania 2013

  • Tree planting Gliricidia, Tanzania 2015

  • FGD, Tanzania 2015

  • Plots in Dodoma, Tanzania 2014

  • Trans-Sec Konferenz, Deutschland 2017

  • Tractor ploughing, Tanzania 2018

  • Technical assistance, Tanzania 2015

Trans-SEC Letter I


  • Sustainable agricultural development is central in the fight against undernourishment in Tanzania
  • Impact assessment is an essential prerequisite for sustainable development and food security
  • Due to its priority in national development, food security indicators need to be integrated in all types of impact assessment
  • Capacity development for governmental and non-governmental agencies on how to carry out impact assessment has to be supported
  • Trans-SEC (trans-sec.org) uses Impact Assessment to stabilize food security at the level of four communities in Tanzania.

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